About RPSU


Ranada Prasad Shaha University (RPSU) is an institution of Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd. The journey of the Trust began almost 75 years ago when the great philanthropist Rai Bahadur Ranada Prasad Shaha set up a free dispensary in his village home in 1938.R P Shaha was born poor, became very wealthy through his business ventures only to give away all his wealth voluntarily.

Between 1938 and 1944 R P Shaha had set up a 750-bed free hospital named Kumudini Hospital. He established a girls residential high school named Bharateswari Homes, Kumudini Girls College and Debendra College in the 1940s. In 1944 he donated an amount of Rs. 250,000/- to the British Red Cross which was more than a quarter million US dollars at that time.

R P Shaha and his only son were abducted by the Pakistan Army and their collaborators during Bangladesh war of independence in 1971. They never returned.

From the very beginning in the late 1930s the Trust has been actively involved in providing education to the masses, especially to the poor and disadvantaged group of the society. After independence in 1971, the Trust has been able to set up a Women's Medical College along with a Dental Unit, a Nursing School and a Nursing College. Having the long experience in the field of education, the Trust considers it to be an obligation to provide higher education through establishment of a university.


RPSU envisions itself to be an international education model which offers programs, services and products to students seeking meaningful approaches to the learning needs and those of the country. To that end, it will provide a self renewing community of learners who are inspired by the commitment, passion and hard work characteristic of the Kumudini way of life in establishing justice, fairness and caring at all levels of society locally, nationally and globally.

Goal of the University

The goal of the RPSU is to be a modern university with a diverse student population and globalized curriculum to help generate knowledgeable and skilled human resources to take on the leadership and responsibilities to build the country and become aspiring citizen of the world. Therefore, everything we do at RPSU is focused on helping you become a global citizen.

Reasons to Study at RPSU

RPSU campus is a microcosm of the world. Like a fountain it will spew forth knowledge to satisfy the thirst of the students searching for ways to broaden their academic and social horizons in programs embedded in good conduct and proper etiquette. It will provide such services as:

  • Diverse student population and globalized curriculum.
  • Continual updating of curriculum.
  • Student centered learning.
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • No session jam.
  • Education to challenge your thinking.
  • Student counseling and guidance.
  • Real life application in addition to your in class studies.
  • Scholarships, programs and other supports to study at home or abroad.