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21 Jan 2019

About The School of Arts & Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science prepares students to assume leadership positions in their particular discipline by assisting them in developing the ability to think analytically, critically and reflectively. We also develop students to become change agents; responsible productive citizens and servant leaders in their communities. Our goal is to educate and train students for a multiplicity of careers, including becoming artists, graduate students, seminarians, speakers, writers, journalists, reporters, judges, pastoral, counselors, attorneys, historians, sociologists, politicians, musicians, ministers, educators and researchers.

General Objectives

Graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science will be able to do the following:

  • Interpret experiences and give them adequate expression;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for their cultural heritage, as reflected in the humanities and Social Science; and
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of human values and social traits necessary for a wholesome and abundant life in community, state, national and world affairs.

    The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will have the following departments:

  • Department of Law and Human Rights
  • Department of English