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Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

The four-year undergraduate degree program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering relates to various fields like Power, Communications & Signal Processing, Electronics and Computer etc. The global economy relies increasingly on high-speed data and networks interconnecting computers and other digital devices. All aspects of business from research and development to production, marketing and sales, benefit from the rapid advances in such technology. EEE graduates will be suitably equipped to contribute in these fields and purse higher studies thus contributing to research and development.

Degree Requirements

Total course requirements for degree programare as follows

General Education Course 8 Courses 21 Credits
Basic Science Course 4 Courses   8 Credits
Mathematics & Statistics 5 Courses 15 Credits
Core Courses 27 Courses 57 Credits
Inter Disciplinary Courses      3 Courses 7 credits
Technical & Elective Courses 15 Courses 33 Credits
Thesis & Project 1 Course 06 Credits
Total 63 Courses 147 Credits

Course Listings
1. General Education
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-111 English Foundation I 3+0
GED-115 Computer Fundamentals 2+0
GED-116 Computer Application Lab 0+1
ENG-121 English Foundation II 3+0
GED-212 Bangladesh Culture and Heritage Studies 3+0
GED-222 Financial & Managerial Accounting 3+0
HUM-236 Industrial Management 3+0
GED-321 Economics 3+0
2. Basic Science
PHY-113 Physics I 3+0
PHY-114 Physics I Lab 0+1
CHM-125 Chemistry 3+0
CHM-126 Chemistry Lab 0+1
3. Mathematics
MAT-112 Differential and Integral Calculus 3+0
MAT-122 Coordinate Geometry & Vector  Analysis 3+0
MAT-131 Linear Algebra and Complex Variables 3+0
MAT-211 Differential Equations and Special Functions 3+0
MAT-221  Basic Statistics  Probability 3+0
4. EEE Core Courses
EEE-123 Electrical Circuits I 3 +0
EEE-124 Electrical Circuits I Lab 0+1
EEE-132 Electronic Circuits I 3+0
EEE-133 Electronic Circuits I Lab 0+1
EEE-134 Electrical Circuits II 3+0
EEE-135 Electrical Circuits II Lab 0+1
EEE-213 Electronic Circuits II 3+0
EEE-214 Electronic Circuits II Lab 0+1
EEE–225 Introductions to Computer Programming 3+0
EEE–226 Introduction to Computer Programming Lab 0+1
EEE–234  Digital Electronics 3+0
EEE–235 Digital Electronics Lab 0+1
EEE–312 Signals & Systems 3+0
EEE313 Fields & Wave 3+0
EEE–322 Solid State Device 3+0
EEE–323 Electrical & Electronic Measurement Lab 0+1
EEE–324 Electrical & Electronic Design Lab 0+1
EEE–331 Control Systems 3+0
EEE–332 Control Systems Lab 0+1
EEE333 Electrical Properties of Materials 3+0
EEE215 Electrical Machines – I 3+0
EEE216 Electrical Machines – I Lab 0+1
EEE223 Electrical Machines – II 3+0
EEE224 Electrical Machines – II Lab 0+1
EEE311 Fundamentals of Communication Engineering 3+0
EEE411 Digital Communication System 3+0
EEE412 Digital Communication System Lab 0+1

5. Technical  Elective Courses
EEE413 Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power 3+0
EEE415 Power System Operation & Control 3+0
EEE421 Power System Analysis 3+0
EEE422 Power System Analysis Lab 0+1
EEE423 High Voltage Engineering 3+0
EEE424 High Voltage Engineering Lab 0+1
EEE431 Power Plant Engineering 3+0
EEE432 Power Plant Engineering Lab 0+1
EEE327 Power Electronics 3+0
EEE328 Power Electronics Lab 0+1
EEE339 Digital Signal Processing 3+0
EEE340 Digital Signal Processing Lab 0+1
EEE415 VLSI Design 3+0
EEE416 Advanced Electronics 3+0
EEE425 Optoelectronics 3+0
EEE426 Biomedical Electronics 3+0
EEE427 Optical Fibre Communication 3+0
EEE428 Fixed Wireless & Satellite Communication  3+0
EEE429 Information Theory & Coding  3+0
EEE433 Cellular Mobile Communication 3+0
EEE434 Cellular Mobile Communication Lab  0+1
EEE435 Communication   Theory 3+0
EEE436 Communication   Theory  Lab 0+1
CSE437 Data Communication & Computer Networks  3+0
CSE438 Data Communication & Computer Networks lab  0+1
CSE439 Microprocessors & Computer Interfacing    3+0
CSE440 Microprocessors & Computer Interfacing lab  0+1
6. Inter-disciplinary Courses
ME–231 Mechanical Engineering 3+0
ME–232 Mechanical Engineering Lab 0+1
ME–233 Mechanics of Solids 3+0