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The RPSU Research Journal is going to publish its first issue during Mujib-100 years and 125 years of Rai Bahadur Ranada Prasad Shaha . The Editorial Board invites original research papers from the disciplines Business Administration, English, Law, CSE, EEE, Pharmacy and Textile Engineering and  Fashion  Design. The article/paper must be sent in both hard and soft copies. The authors are requested to maintain our policy guide lines given below. Rejected/unacceptable manuscripts are non-refundable. So the authors are requested to keep one copy manuscript for themselves. Articles/Papers must reach the Executive Coordinator ( on/before 10th June, 2021.

Editorial Policy

The RPSU Research Journal welcomes scholarly papers on a number of areas like arts, literature, Business Administration, Computer Science and Engineering, Law, EEE, Textile Engineering and Fashion Design and Pharmacy. It also welcomes critical reviews of recently published books of merit. The journal will Publish original research.    Each paper, after the primary selection by the Editorial Committee, is sent out for opinion to at least one competent peer reviewer on the panel of reviewers. Papers recommended by the reviewer/s are generally accepted for publication. The author/s should keep a duplicate copy of his/her manuscript as he/she cannot be returned the manuscript submitted. The following guideline should be followed in submitting the paper.

(a)    All the manuscripts intended for publication in this Journal must be written in English and typed on good quality paper with double spacing and with sufficient margins. The letter font should be 11. The Editorial board encourages both British and American spelling.

(b)    Title: The title of the paper should be brief and specific. The author/s should prepare the manuscript in such a way that there should be a title page with only the names of the author/s and the address. The second page should carry the title of the paper with Abstract to be followed by Introduction, etc.

(c)     Abstract: It should not exceed 250 words, along with a few key words/ phrases. It should include only the gist of the paper, i.e., just the results achieved by the authors. No reference should be cited in the abstract

(d)    The manuscript should contain the Title of the paper, Abstract, Introduction, materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgements (if any) and References.

(e)    The author/s should submit 4(four) copies of manuscripts, in addition to a soft copy to the Editor. It is advised to maintain the length of each article up to 15000 words (at the max).

(f)     References should be arranged at the end of the text according to alphabetical order of the author’s last names and followed by the year, title of the paper, name of the journal, volume number and after colon page number (for example, Sutradhar, B.C. and Hossain, M.S. 2020. Fertility pattern in three selected village of Bangladesh. Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences 9(2):58-64.) . In case of a book, the name of the author/s followed by the year, name of publication should be given with the total page number (e.g., Fisher,R.A. 2015,Soil and Plant Analysis ,Adelaide University Press, Australia,pp.565)

The author/s of the accepted and published papers will be provided at least 2(two) copies of the published journal,

The author/s should not submit a paper published or submitted or accepted by any other journal or publication authority.

Authors are requested to ensure that their writing would not contain more than 20% plagiarism.

At best 3-4 tables and 5-6 figures maybe there in the article.   

The author/s may use the acceptance letter of his/her/their article issued (if and when) by the Editorial Board for his/her/their personal purposes. 

All Communications for publication should be addressed to The Executive Editor,  RPSU Research Journal , Ranada Prasad Shaha University, 25 Sultan Giasuddin Road, Shitalakhya, Narayanganj.Bangladesh.

Dr.Shusil Kumar Das


Department of English and Executive Editor

RPSU Research Journal